History and Future Prospects

%e6%b2%bf%e9%9d%a9 石和温泉の旅館前で
2000.3.17 E-Net corporation established in Ube, Yamaguchi perfecture
2001.4.1 Release of groupwear package software “e-Net-1”
2002.10.10 Moved our head office to Minato-ku, Tokyo
2002.11.1 Start of SI and SES operations
2003.9.30 Growth of SES operations(80 people)
2004.4.1 Starting to recruit new graduates
2008.1.1 Release of CRM Business aid package 「WEBマン」
2008.5.15 Tokyo Big Sight exhibit(3 times a year)
2009.4.1 Expanding the recruitment of new graduates(7 people a year)
社員旅行のバス 美女と野獣
2010.6.1 Starting to recruit people of foreign nationalities
2012.10.1 Founding of associated company “E-Net Services Corporation”
2013.1.1 Starting to offer the free smartphone application “家探し”
2013.10.1 Establishment of education department (For new employees, main employees and courses for universities)
2013.12.1 Offering recruitment and job hunting courses for universities overseas
2014.4.1 Expanding the recruitment of new graduates(15 people a year)
2016.4.1 88 full-time employees (Japanese: 73, Korean: 13, Vietnamese: 2)
2016.5.1 Start of Employment and Dispatch operations
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2016.10 ● Free courses for students of universities in Japan (Programming, Job-hunting)
● Start of temporary employee recruitment of Japanese and Foreign nationals.
2016.12 Expansion of Employment and Dispatch operations
2017.3 Release of ERP package “enet-ERP”
2017.4 100 full-time employees (Japanese: 80, Foreign nationality: 20)
2020.4 ● 250 full-time employees (Japanese: 150, Foreign nationality: 100)
● Director: 3 people, Department manager: 5 people, Section manager: 20 people
● Senior executive manager: 2 people, Affiliated company president: 1 person
2035.4 1,000 full-time employees, Senior executive managers: 10 people, Affiliated company presidents: 10 people