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    System Enginner, Programmer
    Web and Business Support System
    Development & Management
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    Server・Network Enginner
    Unix, Linux, Windows
    Server Construction & Management
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    Consulting Sales
    System Development Proposal
Type of employment Full-time worker
Major subject All colleges and departments
Entry Requirements Graduate of either: University, Grad. School, Junior College, Technical College by 3.2013~3.2014
(Present graduates are eligible too.)
Wanted amount 10 people

Not just an “Engineer”, we will teach you the foundation of what it takes to become a true “Business person”.

Our theme is to encourage the talents of our employees, and help them to become not only `engineers` who have good skills, but encourage the individual development it takes to become ‘business people’ who work actively in the front line.

Our company president Mr. Ukeda takes the lead guiding and nurturing the growth of our employees. IT skills being a given, a deep understanding of how the office works, how to deal with clients alongside appreciated business manners, becoming a team member who is an essential part of the workflow is something we proudly strive to teach our employees.

Therefore, we hope you will try to understand and grasp whole business which our company develops through cross-sectional experience: System development, technical support, original project services, behind the scenes work, etc.

First and foremost, in the two-week-long training program for newcomers, you will master various skills such as engineering and business manners. Then with the full support and guidance of an experienced superior, you will be entrusted with an actual project. With the thought of actual experiences in the field will provide greater results than endless time-consuming classroom lectures, we highly value training through real practice.

Be sure to use this opportunity to create a strong foundation for your future career.

We hold pride in our products and services!

Using our own projects and development, we put our backs into creating original IT products. “Making efforts in valuable creations” is another important characteristic.

“Striving to develop valuable creations” is another important characteristic of E-Net.
We do not just offer entrusted development of business systems and SES (a service where our system engineers are permanently stationed in the field), we also have a variety of original IT products such as “WEBマン” (strategic business tools for corporations) and “家探し.net”, “事務所.mobi” (Smartphone application to find vacant housing or office space).
Product planning, developing and sales is all a part of our original package conducted by E-Net.

We offer a total solution where our engineers will work closely with the client, where while consulting to find solutions to any work related issues, we take care of our clients so they are able to work smoothly using our systems.

There is nothing more motivating for our engineers than to hear from our clients just how much they appreciate our services.
E-Net is the perfect nurturing environment, not just on a technical aspect, but also in being able to work hand-in-hand with our clients, giving you the opportunity to put together the most ideal solutions on your way to become a true system engineer.